CoMoFarm publication list

Original research papers

Klöckner W, Tissot S, Wurm F, Büchs J (2012) Power input correlation to characterize the hydrodynamics of cylindircal orbitally shaken bioreactors. Biochemical Engineering Journal 65, 63-69.

Häkkinen ST, Raven N, Henquet M, Laukkanen ML, Anderlei T, Pitkänen JP, Twyman RM, Bosch D, Oksman-Caldentey KM, Schillberg S, Ritala A (2014) Molecular farming in tobacco hairy roots by triggering the secretion of a pharmaceutical antibody. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 11(2), 336-346.

Klöckner W, Gacem R, Anderlei T, Raven N, Schillberg S, Lattermann C, Büchs J (2013) Correlation between mass transfer coefficient kLa and relevant operating parameters in cylindrical disposable shaken bioreactors on a bench-to-pilot scale. Journal of Biological Engineering 7(28) doi:10.1186/1754-1611-7-28.

Vasilev N, Grömping U, Lipperts A, Raven N, Fischer R, Schillberg S (2013) Optimization of BY-2 cell suspension culture medium for the production of a human antibody using a combination of fractional factorial designs and the response surface method. Plant Biotechnology Journal 11, 867-874.

Review articles

Klöckner W, Büchs J (2012) Advances in shaking technologies. Trends in Biotechnology 30(6), 307-14.

Fischer R, Schillberg S, Buyel JF, Twyman RM (2013) Commercial aspects of pharmaceutical production in plants. Current Pharmaceutical Design 19(31), 5471-5477.

Paul MJ, Teh AY, Twyman RM, Ma JK (2013) Target product selection - where can Molecular Pharming make the difference? Current Pharmaceutical Design 19(31), 5478-5485.

Schillberg S, Raven N, Fischer R, Twyman RM, Schiermeyer A (2013) Molecular farming of pharmaceutical proteins using plant suspension cell and tissue cultures. Current Pharmaceutical Design 19(31), 5531-5542.

Twyman RM, Schillberg S, Fischer R (2013) Optimizing the yield of recombinant pharmaceutical proteins in plants. Current Pharmaceutical Design 19(31), 5486-5494.

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